LSE Gender Pay Gap Report

In 2021, Oriana and Nina worked on an internal gender pay gap report for the LSE HR department. The aim of this report was to describe differences in earnings between male and female academics at the LSE such that the HR department can monitor and act on it. The report combines individual HR records on pay with REF (Research Excellence Framework) scores and teaching evaluations, which are used to proxy for productivity, and past experience as head of department to proxy for service. In this report, we showed that while female academics are paid significantly less than men overall, the differences in pay within most departments is small and insignificant. The difference is, however, persistent and large in departments that have fewer women but this result is hard to interpret as there are so few women in certain departments that the gap in pay is not well identified.

The Gender Equality Steering Group is led by the School Secretary (Louise Nadal) and was created in 2019. While the Hub didn’t participate in its creation, our work on the gender pay report informed some of the key new and ongoing objectives in the LSE Gender Pay Gap Report Commitments. Among the objectives of the LSE gender steering committee group for the LSE 2030 strategy, we find the improvement of the proportion of female faculty professors, associate professors and assistant professors, as well as the proportion of female professional services staff at bands 8-10 (the most senior levels) by 2024. Moreover, we will consider how our gender and ethnicity targets intersect, as part of our Race Equality Charter self-assessment.

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